My Face & Body Beauty Regimen(974)

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Time Control Firming Cream 20 ml
Feel your skin firm and plump as the oval shape of your face is redrawn while wrinkles and fine lines diminish.
*Helps reduce sloppy sagging skin, replacing it with a more youthful firmed and tightened skin.
*Its firming effects help to dramatically smooth lines and wrinkles as the skin also fills out with proper hydration.
*Cellular rejuvenation that you can feel due to the interaction of the precious mineral complex and essential fatty acids naturally occurring in its essential oil sub-formula.
Scent ~ With a nice clean scent it’s nearly fragrance free and won’t compete at all with your chosen fragrance of the day.
See ~ Your skin visibly plump restoring sagging or loosening skin.
Feel ~ The skin regain its tightness as it firms with the multi action moisture delivery and retention system.

Night Recovery A Cream 20 ml
Feel younger as you look in the mirror seeing the signs of aging being reduced before your eyes.
*Retinol, the super powerful derivative of Vitamin A in many yellow fruits and flowers has been shown to be one of the most successful anti-aging skin therapies of all time.
*Experience the glowing complexion that a true, well developed Retinol formula can deliver.
*Rejoice at the sensation of firmer, tighter smoother feeling skin that brings in the compliments as others notice the changes.
Scent ~ A very clean crisp scent that is noncompetitive with your chosen fragrance of the day.
See ~ The visible difference in your skins natural glow and radiance.
Feel ~ That soft, silky smoothness that you’ve been looking for return once more.

Anti-Oxidant Hand Moisturizer 100 ml
Feel the silky-smooth moisturizer that helps neutralize toxins and protect skin from the ravages of environmental pollutants.
*Experience the protectiveness of the Dead Sea Mineral base as it combats the elements that attack your skin every day.
*Revel in the sensation of your hands feeling silky smooth and moisturized all while being shielded form both household and outside skin antagonists.
*Watch as fine lines at wrinkles are lessoned by its naturally superior moisturizing effects.
Scent ~ Take in the soft subtle, lovely scents of butter and honey.
Feel ~ Your hands becoming smoother and softer from the very first use.
See ~ The fine lines and wrinkles dissipate into the background as smoother skin emerges.

Aromatic Refreshing Body Lotion 100 ml
Skin is silky, soft & smooth. Skin is supple and comfortable.

Micro Luffa Foaming Gel 100 ml
Experience the Luffa bean sensation as this fully Vegan formula gently exfoliates, cleanses and stimulates renewing circulation.
*Feel the depth of its cleansing as your skin is exfoliated to remove the unwanted buildup of the day or night and prepares your skin for your preferred treatments.
*Use as a makeup remover to quickly and easily remove your makeup and exfoliate all in one step saving your precious time for other indulgences.
*Recognize the sense of fresh, newly cleansed skin that feels ready to absorb your favorite renewal, tightening and firming products so they can do their best work with your skin already prepped for them.
Scent ~ The very light aroma leaves behind that calming scent of clean and won’t compete with any of your chosen fragrances of the day.
See ~ The glow of new shine emerge as the old skin and leftover makeup is removed.
Feel ~ The invigoration of having fresh clean skin ready to absorb your favorite renewal products.

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